Englishman ResIDING in Sweden

Englishman ResIDING in Sweden

Facebook - the trojan horse of Righteousness?

TechnologyPosted by Garry Jones Fri, November 19, 2010 09:40:17
Now we have allowed it in to our world it has taken over.....

I was chatting to a friend on Facebook tonight and I wanted to point out that a film she once worked on was now available as a pirate download on Pirate Bay. I thought maybe she wanted to tell the production company.

I copied the link from Pirate Bay and pasted into the private chat window. However the chat message was stopped by Facebook. So I opened up a message window to her (send message rather than direct online chat). I pasted in the link and pressed sent and once again it was stopped by Facebook with a warning that what I was doing was illegal.

I can understand websites stopping people pasting openly and linking to things on groups, walls, pages or even forums, but I am concerned about the fact that Facebook now feels it can censor my private messages and "chat" to a friend.

The stopped message is like the post office opening your mail to see what you have written before delivery. The stopped chat is like someone controlling what I can and can''t say in private to another individual. Like I am whispering something into a girls ear in a night club and suddenly a loud siren goes off drowning what I am saying and the SWAT team crash through the window guns drawn.

Earlier this week Facebook announced plans for a whole new communicaton network with the slogan "Email is dead". Therefore I find this extremely worrying. Facebook has 500 million users, who is to decide what information we can and can''t pass to each other in private?

What if it had been a link to one of the many legal files on Pirate Bay? And who is second guessing the reason I wanted to send this link on? As I stated I was informing someone who is in a position to escalate this actual link withing the film industry.

And today Pirate Bay private messages and chat? Tomorrow? Chatting about car drivers who toot at cyclists? Messages about Facebook compeditors?

It may say 2010 on my calender but I feel that 1984 arrived tonight. I hope the world can still see clearly in 2020.

Very worrying I think... ?

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Day 3

CyclingPosted by Garry Jones Fri, August 13, 2010 23:43:32

Now we have done 3 days. This picture has been worked on a bit in Photoshop, I wanted to create something artistic. Its me leading out 220 cyclists this morning. A wonderful stage with some beautiful scenery.

This evening we played Boule, first time I'd ever played, and I WON the whole tornament! - Beginners luck? Or have I finally found my true calling a life?

Tomorrow we have "the long one", 160km, so its bedtime soon here in Falun, start goes at 9 am. Last day Sunday and then its off back to Mora.

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2 days Falun

CyclingPosted by Garry Jones Thu, August 12, 2010 16:52:46

Have now cycled 2 days in Falun at the Cykel City Gran Fondo. 240 cyclists and everyone has been in a very good mood, cyclists always seem to be able to socialise.
3 days to go

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CyclingPosted by Garry Jones Sat, August 07, 2010 03:30:17

Off cycling tomorrow. Looks like Grönklitt, its been a while... Need to fix the bike after Laholm. Bit of work tomorrow first, need to finish a few documents for work.

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Boycott the iphone!

TechnologyPosted by Garry Jones Tue, August 03, 2010 09:33:27
After years of Nokias and Sony Erikssons I bought my first iphone at the end of May.

After these first two months my opinion is its the most overrated product in consumer goods history. Apple are a disaster and light years behind Microsoft.

My major issues.
1) - Multi-tasking is "app-" rather than "os-" dependant. I have a game app with 75 levels. To get past level 48 (about 30 minutes playing time) you need the tap the screen 60 times in a minute. Whilst tapping I received a text message (SMS in Swedish), and the "view message" popup was where I was rapidly tapping. Result, the SMS came up and the game app crashed. I had to go through all 47 levels again to get back to where I was. In Windows (as with all things Microsoft) the app would simply have been minimized in the background whilst still active and I would have been able to resume.
2) - No Windows drag and drop. Having owned countless mp3 players I find it unbelievable Apple have not gone with the std d+d method to place music on the iphone. Some of my music was refused by itunes, even though it is from recordings I own. Microsoft have already solved this problem, there really was no need for Apple to reinvent the wheel, trouble is they did and it came out square.
3) - Creation of Photo Albums. You cant create and organise photo albums directly on the iphone.
4) - Black Out. The phone blacks out often when terminating a call. Sometimes I press the wrong contact and I try to cancel, but the phone goes into blackout mode and the call to the wrong person goes through.
5) - No Hardware multitasking. When internet tethering and downloading files through USB the iphone refuses to charge and the battery runs down like mad.
6) - Safari. I need to deleted one single page in Internet History. With Safari on the iphone its impossible, its all or nothing. No convenient dos prompt or Windows explorer to find single files. It's ridiculous that I have to delete hundreds of history pages I wanted to keep to get rid of the one I wanted to delete. With all the trouble Microsoft got for shipping Windows with MSIE it is incredible that Apple have got away with shipping the iphone with the inferior Safari. Apple could have asked Microsoft for a version of MSIE that could have been shipped with the iphone to provide users with a better browser. Apple didn't!
7) - Battery. I often go away for long periods to places where I can not charge my phone. With my other phones I simply bought and charged up extra batteries. With the iphone I can't open the back and change the battery. Bad design. When plugging the iphone in after a battery run down its minutes before I can use it. Very bad design.
8) - Slick = Slippery. Because of the iphone "slick" design it slipped from my hand and I cracked the glass. A phone should not be so slippery. Ever tried to wedge the iphone between your shoulder and ear so you can talk whilst you need to do something with your hands? It slips. I don't use the hands-free when walking as its not cool and only mad people walk along talking to themselves.
9) - Costly front glass replacement. Because of the slippery phone there are 2 types of iphone customers, those who have already cracked their glass and those have not cracked their glass YET. There is a kit on ebay for £15 complete with small screwdrivers, instructions and the replacement glass. But Apple want nearly £200 so their trained technician can do this. Do they actually believe than an 18 year old nerd can do a better job than me, an experienced technician with 30 years in the branch? No, they don't, but they have warned me that I will render my guarantee useless if I change the glass myself. Just to make money out of me! Changing the glass should come under normal use if its done professionally but they were not interested in my CV, I am not allowed to change the glass myself if I want to keep the guarantee.
10) - Itunes Scam. If you buy a tune on itunes Apple want you to pay more to get a ringtune version. But you can create a ringtune version for yourself using itunes. Select start and stop time under "get info" options, create aac version, change filename.m4a to filename.m4r and synch. Apple are tricking their customers into paying for something they already have. This method also works on existing mp3's but Apple don't tell you this. Scam!
11) File System. The iphone has no file system that can be found by "browse" on websites when you want to upload files. Very annoying.
12) Memory sticks. Why have the memory built in? There really was no need, it would have been more user-friendly to allow users to remove a 16GB and insert a 32GB card when they wanted to. Or even better to add a 32GB in a secondary slot. Oh yeah I forgot, Apple are anti user-friendly as they don't want to be confused with Microsoft.

And finally.....
Flash does not work on websites on the iphone. This renders just about every useful website useless.

I tried to discuss these issues on Apples forums and I gave some constructive ideas. For instance I strongly recommended that Apple sign up some of Microsofts superior programmers to address the issues they themselves are incapable of patching. However I stumbled upon a "Hallelujah Community" of freaks without any understanding that I might actually have a point.

Indeed, I find many iphone owners to be like members of a religious sect who are chasing castles in the sky whilst wholesomely believing in something that is flawed in design.

For instance: I googled and downloaded ios4 a week before Apple released it. When I told others on Apples Forums how to do it no one thanked me for passing on the google links. The version I installed was identical, it was the final developer version which is always identical to the actual release. But the users on Apple Forums seem to only believe in the "almighty" and if Apple have not said its okay to do something then it must be wrong.

When I asked Apple to send me all future developer versions of ios's for expert feedback they couldn't even email back to me.

Surely there must be millions of dissatisfied iphone customers? Maybe its easier for those of us used to Microsoft User-Friendly excellence to see through the hype? I just wished I had done this two months ago as I am now stuck with an iphone on contract at 700 Swedish crowns a month for the next 22 months. I hope I can prevent others from making the same mistake. My guess is that most people who have convinced themselves to buy one don't want to admit what a mistake they have made when they parted with so much money.

My mistake is worsened by the fact that the access provider is the only one in existence without an email address. I prefer to send emails when complaining as I can make my points clearer and they can be passed up in the chain of command to someone with responsibility rather than ignorant front line call support.

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