Englishman ResIDING in Sweden

Englishman ResIDING in Sweden

Facebook - the trojan horse of Righteousness?

TechnologyPosted by Garry Jones Fri, November 19, 2010 09:40:17
Now we have allowed it in to our world it has taken over.....

I was chatting to a friend on Facebook tonight and I wanted to point out that a film she once worked on was now available as a pirate download on Pirate Bay. I thought maybe she wanted to tell the production company.

I copied the link from Pirate Bay and pasted into the private chat window. However the chat message was stopped by Facebook. So I opened up a message window to her (send message rather than direct online chat). I pasted in the link and pressed sent and once again it was stopped by Facebook with a warning that what I was doing was illegal.

I can understand websites stopping people pasting openly and linking to things on groups, walls, pages or even forums, but I am concerned about the fact that Facebook now feels it can censor my private messages and "chat" to a friend.

The stopped message is like the post office opening your mail to see what you have written before delivery. The stopped chat is like someone controlling what I can and can''t say in private to another individual. Like I am whispering something into a girls ear in a night club and suddenly a loud siren goes off drowning what I am saying and the SWAT team crash through the window guns drawn.

Earlier this week Facebook announced plans for a whole new communicaton network with the slogan "Email is dead". Therefore I find this extremely worrying. Facebook has 500 million users, who is to decide what information we can and can''t pass to each other in private?

What if it had been a link to one of the many legal files on Pirate Bay? And who is second guessing the reason I wanted to send this link on? As I stated I was informing someone who is in a position to escalate this actual link withing the film industry.

And today Pirate Bay private messages and chat? Tomorrow? Chatting about car drivers who toot at cyclists? Messages about Facebook compeditors?

It may say 2010 on my calender but I feel that 1984 arrived tonight. I hope the world can still see clearly in 2020.

Very worrying I think... ?

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